Mama's Select Goat's Rue has been used by women in Europe to help increase breast milk production for years, and has caught on for thousands and thousands of mothers worldwide. Goat's Rue is well tolerated by mothers and is in the same plant family as Fenugreek, which are both considered to have powerful lactogenic properties. (Mama's Select 的山羊豆是世界上最為L效刺激乳腺發育的草本植物,是歐洲婦女採用多年的增奶草本。它通過刺激乳房組織的生長,能幫助母親成功哺餵母乳。 )

Mama's Select Goat's Rue benefits include:

  • Promote rapid natural breast milk production 有助促進天然母乳供應
  • Induce breast tissue growth after breast surgery 刺激乳房組織的生長,或曾經做過乳房手術的媽媽成功哺餵母乳
  • Induce breast growth for those planning to nurse an adopted child 幫助收養嬰兒的媽媽餵哺母乳
  • Promote tissue growth in women whose breasts didn't increase during pregnancy 能幫助在懷孕期乳房沒有增大或乳腺沒有發育的媽媽
  • Facilitate breast let down so your body can release the milk 促進奶陣
  • Help maintain breast health during nursing and lactation 維護哺乳期乳房健康
  • Made of Organic Goat's Rue extract at a certified facility. Free from any harmful chemicals or allergens 全天然有機山羊豆製造, 不含化學品或致敏成份

Our Goat's Rue is manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility in the USA and exceeds industry standards. It is manufactured from the highest quality ingredients that are all natural without any harmful additives or fillers! PLUS...our formula is Naturally Allergy Friendly and formulated to be free of Wheat, Dairy, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Egg, Soy, Fish, and Shellfish!

Since goat's rue is helping support the development of mammary tissue, please allow two to three weeks of consistent use to see results. While goat's rue is working in the background, the remaining four herbs work more quickly to support lactation.

Ingredients: Organic Goat's Rue Herb (Galega officinalis) 700 mg

How To Use Milkflow Goat's Rue Capsules 服用方法 : Take 1-2 capsule, 4 times daily. Discuss product use with a healthcare professional during pregnancy. (可早餐前2粒及晚餐前2粒如有需要,可加早午晚餐前各兩粒。懷孕期間不能使用。)

Made in the USA in a GMP certified facility  美國製造及由美國食品及藥物管理局認可的生產廠製造