WishGarden Herbs Sleepy Nights for Pregnancy is a non-sedative remedy to aid sleep without heavy herbs not appropriate for pregnancy such as valerian & kava. Classic "hypnotic" herbs aid sleep without sedation. This unique herbal supplement uses a carefully selected blend of gentle herbs designed to calm the mind, so that your tired body can fall asleep.(非鎮靜作用的中藥來幫助懷孕婦女去睡覺,性質溫和,安全有效。全本草配方幫助進入睡眠過程。不含纈草 - Valerian。不含卡瓦根 - Kava,不含鎮靜劑。所選用的獨特的草藥均為精心挑選,並由草本專家以冷靜的頭腦加豐富的草藥知識,去配製此特別配方,讓懷孕期的您容易疲憊的身體更能安睡。)(一樽是 198元)

WishGarden use only organic and wild harvested, extra-clean, quality ingredients. Even the constituent extracting alchohol is micro-brewed organic corn, smooth and rich.

Ingredients : Passion Flower leaf, Scullcap leaf & Hops strobiles in approx. 40% grain alcohol, 30% vegetable glycerine & spring water.

Made of 100% Herbs. Do not contain mineral oil, lanolin, parabens, medicine, synthetic ingredients or artificial fragrances. (所有成份均為100%天然草本製造,不含礦油、羊毛脂、西藥、防腐劑、人造成份及人造香料。)


建議服用方法: 2-4 dropperfuls before bedtime, repeat if necessary and/or upon unwanted wakefulness.  (睡前可服用 2-4 試管草藥,如有需要,可服用多一次)

It is manufactured in a FDA-certfied facility. (產品均由美國食品及藥物管理局認可的生產廠製造。)