WishGarden Herbs Mastitis Compress is a soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory breast soak. Greatly helps heal painful, swollen breasts, blocked milk ducts and breast infections. Makes 4 -5 herbal compresses. Please use Mastitis  Compress to release the blocked ducts and prevent Mastitis. (以草藥浸泡方法有效地幫助舒緩因乳房感染或乳腺阻塞而引起的乳房疼痛及腫脹。一盒可使用 4-5 次。 ** 如乳腺阻塞可服用通乳寶清通阻塞,更有效舒緩乳腺炎病症)(一樽是 158元)

WishGarden use only organic and wild harvested, extra-clean, quality ingredients. Even the constituent extracting alchohol is micro-brewed organic corn, smooth and rich.

Ingredients : Myrrh gum, Elderflowers, Yarrow flowers, Calendula flowers, Echinacea root, Marshmallow root, Melilot herb (Sweet Clover), Parsley leaf & Sea salt.

Made of 100% Herbs. Do not contain mineral oil, lanolin, parabens, medicine, synthetic ingredients or artificial fragrances. (所有成份均為100%天然草本製造,不含礦油、羊毛脂、西藥、防腐劑、人造成份及人造香料。)


用法說明: Use as needed, although a minimum of 3-4 times a day is recommended for breast infections. Place a handful of herbs into a clean cotton cloth, tie closed loosely & steep in simmering water for 10-15 minutes. Apply the hot, wet compress to the breast to help with pain, blocked milk ducts & infection. The compress may be dipped back into the infusion periodically to keep it hot & potent. The leftover infused water may also be used by dipping in a cloth & used in a similar manner, called a fomentation. (將一把草藥放到一個小布袋中或一塊乾淨的布包好,以熱水泡上 10-15 分鐘,壓出水份後即熱敷在乳房上。可以重覆浸入熱水中再不停敷一陣子。而泡浸的水也可以浸濕一塊布加熱而敷乳房。如是較嚴重乳腺感染,可按需要而每日使用 3-4 次。)

It is manufactured in a FDA-certfied facility. (產品均由美國食品及藥物管理局認可的生產廠製造。)