Maymom Valves for Ameda Breast Pump, 4 pcs/box (Duckbill)

Maymom is proud to launch Ameda line of breast pump accessory. Maymom has 5 years of experiences in making high quality breast pump parts for branded companies (Medela, Ameda, Philip Avent).

Designed to be 100% compatible with Ameda parts (合 Ameda CustomFit Breast Flanges, Ameda Breast Purely Yours and Lactaline pumps 用) as well as the Maymom Breastshield for Ameda Breast Pumps. Compatible with Freemie, Lansinoh and Dew 350.  Valves in a box for easy keeping. Re-enfored material so valves will last longer.

The lip area of the duckbill is reinforced with stronger material so it does not tear as easy and last longer

BPA free and DEHP free

Cleaning instruction:

Can be sterilized in water steam or boiling water or wash this piece with hot, soapy water. It is not advisable to insert any object into the valve opening to clean it. This may tear or stretch the part resulting in poor performance. Please check the valve frequently for tears

Made in Taiwan 台灣製造

Q&A (問與答) :

Q: is this valves fit to lansinoh pump?

A: They do not fit.

Q: will these fit the Freemie system?

A: They do. They fit inside the slot instead of over it like the freemie ones. They've been working great!

Q: Will these fit Medela flanges?

A: They fit very tight, but I prefer using these as you actually get a better suction.

Q: Will these fit the ameda one hand manual pump

A: Yes this duck bill valve fits all Ameda pumps. I have used it.

Compatible with Freemie & Spectra pump. Similar to above, it also fits inside the hole and not over the hole. (如用於 Freemie 和 Spectra 上, 也是這般安裝)