Maymom inserts to reduce Freemie 25 or 28 mm cups down to 21 mm.  This insert is suitable for nipple diameter (after a pumping session) 18-20 mm.  (Freemie 的喇叭一般都是 25 或 28mm, 所以我們特別製造了 21mm 喇叭罩 以合適乳頭較細小的媽媽)

This can also be inserted in Ameda purely yours 25mm flanges. (也可用在 Ameda purely 上)

Made from BPA free silicone (用不含 BPA 的矽膠製造, 安全可靠)

2 pc per package (一盒兩個)

How to use it (如何使用):

You must "fold" the insert to install, and "twist and turn" to remove the insert. If you don't do so, it is hard to install and remove. See instructions that come with the product.

It can be sterilized in water steam or boiling water.

Made in Taiwan 台灣製造