MAYMOM WIDE-NECK COLLECTION BOTTLES for AVENT, SPECTRA S2, SPECTRA S1, SPECTRA 9PLUS PUMPS with Silicone SureSeal (TM) sealing disc so no leak at all. (Maymom 闊口奶樽, 可用於 Avent, Spectra S1, S2 和 9+. 附有密封掩蓋, 可作儲奶樽)

容量: 5安士 / 150ml

100% LEAK PROOF. (完全防漏設計)

The bottle has 5-mL incremental measurement marks. You know exactly how much milk you have produced. (每 5ml 的遞增量線, 方便清晰)

BALL-PEN WRITEABLE TOP - the SureSeal silicone top can be marked with a ball-pen, and the writing can be removed with soapy water. You can date the bottle to know the age of the contained milk, or name the bottle so no mix-up in the daycare refrigerator. (密封掩蓋上可用原子筆寫上日期, 方便紀錄, 之後可用梘水清洗便乾淨)

Pump diectly into these the bottles, so no transfers of breastmilk, and so No Waste of milk.

Reusable BPA-Free bottles.

Temperature range -20 - 110 deg. C. Made from PP and silicone.

Dishwasher toprack safe.

All parts can be sanitized with water steam or boiling water and are BPA free.

Made in Taiwan 台灣製造