Maymom Adapter for Spectra backflow protectos that come with Spectra S1 pump, S2 Pump, 9+ pump and Cimilre pump to use with Medela Breastshield (flange) and Medela Personfit connector, or Maymom's full range of one-piece breastshield. (適用於 Spectra S1, S2, M1, 9+ 或 Cimilre 要連接"飛碟 / 防逆流器" 即 back-flow protector,加上接駁咀 Flange adapter 便可配上 Medela PIS 喇叭或 Maymom 喇叭)


  • BPA free
  • No need to hack the flange, just plug in, and use all your Medela / Maymom parts (bottles, valves, membranes, breastshields) with spectra S1 and S2 pump
  • Allows you to use Spectra 9+ advanced breastpump (Medela) because it connects the Medela / Maymom flanges and spectra backflow protector

Made in Taiwan 台灣製造