BPA-free. 完全配合 Spectra 泵機使用, 更貼合喇叭, 不易脫落

Maymom Duckbill valve for Spectra S1, S2, 9+, Cimilre and Medela PIS. (專用於 Spectra 喇叭上, 完全配合 Spectra 泵機使用, 更貼合喇叭, 不易脫落)

1 box with 4 valve (一盒四個)

BPA free


  • Duckbills for Spectra S1 S2 pumps. Go around the hole type. Contains 4 duckbill valves for Spectra. Work with Spectra S2, Spectra S1, Spectra 9 Plus, Spectra Dew 350 and Cimilre.
  • Made by Maymom. Not original Spectra pump parts. Work with Spectra S2 accessories. NO dropping duckbill valve.
  • Replace Spectra valve, Better seal and suction.
  • Easy removal and installation.
  • SAME suction power as OEM valves. Compatible with Spectra Flange and Maymom breastshield.
  • DO NOT contain BPA. Sterilize in water steam or boiling water before use. Comply with EU and USA FDA regulations for materials that contact food. Tested by independent labs for quality and safety.

Made in Taiwan 台灣製造