Maymom bottle converter, Wide neck to Standard Neck (4 pcs/pack)

可把Avent and Spectra 喇叭轉用窄口奶樽,如Ameda或Medela, Nuk, Pigeon, Chuchu.

2nd Generation White design.  To avoid interfering with the duckbill, and easier screw on to both the widemouth flanges and the standard-sized bottles.

Allow Avent and Spectra S1/S2 flanges to use with standard sized bottles, eg, Medela standard bottles, Ameda bottles, Dr Brown original bottles, etc. (Wide neck to Standard Neck)

We recommend that you use a bottle-stand as well to reduce the tipping-over of the bottle.

BPA free, dishwasher safe.

FDA compliant for food contacts.

Made in Taiwan 台灣製造