Medela Swing 單泵專用,也可用於 Swing 單泵, Lactina, Symphony , 9+ 泵機

Tubings are tested to meet EU food safety standard and are safe for your baby.

This tube can be used on Medela Swing, Lactina, Synphomy.


  • 1 tube per pack, replacement for Medela part #8007215
  • 30 inch in length with 2 attached connectors; same length as your original tubing to maintain the same suction power. One pale yellow adaptor and one soft end with triangle shape.
  • Smooth and clear plastic tubings.
  • Made from BPA free material - safe to use for breastpumping.

Maymom provides better and cheaper breastpump accessories. Our products pass the strict food grade container standards. Each batch is carefully monitored to ensure quality. And the final products are submitted to independent SGS or Intertek testing labs for final verification. Our products are sold world-wide - including USA, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Israel, New Zealandm UK and Taiwan.

Made in Taiwan 台灣製造