Maymom Tubing Set for Medela Swing-maxi Pump

Swing-maxi 雙泵喉管,只需簡單步驟便可把 Swing 單泵變成雙泵,泵奶更快更方便,亦可只用作您的現有單泵喉管子替代品

適用於 Medela Swing 及 Swing-maxi 電動奶泵的喉管子   (於選購時要說明用於 Swing 抑或是 Swing-maxi)

也可將 Maymom 或 Medela 喇叭接到 Ameda、Unimom 或優合電動奶泵

材料不含 Bisphenol A (BPA),絕對安全可靠

由台灣 Maymom 公司獨家生產



(But, this tubing set just saves you all the troubles and money in doing the conversion. It is understood that one has to turn up the pumping power while pumping on both sides at the same time to maintain the same level of vacuum. However, when it is in the Expression Mode, it does not take much suction power to "let-down" the milk. For most nursing moms, Medela Swing can do the job on both sides at the same time. It worth a try!

Double-sided pumping at the same time using your Medela Swing Pump

1 tubing set with three connectors- one to connect to Melela Swing pump, two to connect to two breastshields

Easy conversion - no tools needed, Just plug in the tubing and you have a double sided pump!

Some reduction of pumping strength will occur - you can adjust the power setting on the pump accordingly.

BPA Free

Made in Taiwan)