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美國 Milkies Breast Milk Storage Bags 母乳儲存袋
一盒50個,食品級物料製造,BPA-Free,底部特殊設計,母乳袋可直立保存,容量是 200ml (約六安士),絕無塑膠味道


Milkies "No-Break, No-Leak" Breast Milk Storage Bags


Milkies Breast Milk Storage Bags were designed by moms who understand the challenges of pumping and storing milk. We created our Milkies Breast Milk Storage Bags with reinforced sides so the bag won't break in the freezer, and a double zipper closure so your milk won't leak out. Milkies Storage Bags also stand up so you can easily pour your milk into them without spilling a drop.

Milkies Breast Milk Storage bags are designed to hold up to 200 ml of milk - which is a little more than 6.5 ounces. Each bag is measured in ounces and milliliters, so you can know exactly how much you are freezing.

原廠真空無菌密封設計,開封後才接觸空氣,有效避免存放污染食品級質料製造,BPA-Free,保障母乳衛生;底部特殊設計,母乳袋可直立保存,取用方便可在袋身寫上日期時間等,以免過期;雙層拉鏈設計,特殊高頻處理,無需擔心母乳滲漏;容量是 200ml (約六安士);一盒50個。絕無塑膠味道 !!!

Key Benefits :

  • Pre-Sterilized and Ready to Use
  • Exceptionally Durable and Leak-Proof with Reinforced Sides and a Double Zipper
  • Bag Stands on Its Own - Easy to Fill with No Extra Hands
  • Handy breast milk storage guidelines printed on every bag
  • Better Use of Freezer Space - Lay the Bag Down to Freeze Flat
  • Ounces and Milliliters Printed on the Bag - Measure and Freeze in One Step
  • Maximize Your Breast Milk's Nutritional Value - Follow the Milk Storage Guidelines Printed on Every Bag
  • No More Forgetting to Date Your Milk - the Convenient Label Makes It Easy
  • BPA-Free - Made from the Highest Quality, Food-Grade Plastic
  • Easy to Use for Moms, Dads, and Caregivers!


Milkies Breast Milk Storage Bags are easy to use. The bags are pre-sterilized and ready to be filled with milk right out of the box. To fill your bag, begin by writing your name, date and number of ounces on the bag label. Open the zippers and begin pouring your milk into the bag. The bag will stand up after 1-2 ounces have been poured. Match up the zippers and push them together along the length of the bag to be sure the bag is closed tightly. Next, place your bag in the refrigerator, or for longer-term storage, place the bag in the freezer and lay flat to freeze. The breast storage guidelines written on every bag make it easy for caregivers to handle the milk in the best possible way.




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