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Maymom 一體式 24mm 喇叭連活門薄膜
適合Spectra, Cimilre 和所有Medela 電奶泵 (Freestyle and Swing Maxi 除外) 不含BPA





電動吸奶器連體硬喇叭罩(24 mm) - 吸奶護罩+連接器(一體式) 連 1 個活塞連 1 塊白片

PP 物料成份絕不含 Bisphenol A (BPA),安全可靠,可以Steam 蒸汽消毒清潔

已通過美國 FDA 食物及藥物管理局認證,對人奶沒有任何影響或污染

Medela 電動吸奶器專用,適用PISSwing 電動吸奶器,但 Freestyle and Swing Maxi 除外

** 如用於 Spectra S1, S2, M1, 9+ 或 Cimilre 要連接"飛碟" 即back-flow protector,可加接駁咀 Flange adapter (HK$ 12/pc)  **


Benefits of a Correct Fit

A correctly fitting Breastshield prevents the milk ducts from being compressed, thus enabling an optimal emptying of the breast and maximum milk output when pumping. This helps mothers to maintain their milk production and supports lactation. It also prevents chaffing and tenderness of around the nipple area.

Criteria for a Correct Fit
With the following check list, a mother can easily assess whether she is using the right Breastshield size:

Center the nipple in the tunnel of the Breastshield. Now begin pumping and check the following points:

a.. Is your nipple moving freely in the tunnel?
b.. Is none or only very little tissue of the areola being pulled into the tunnel of the breastshield?
c.. Do you recognize gentle, rhythmic movements in the breast at each pump cycle?
d.. Do you feel the breast emptying all over?
e.. Is your nipple free of pain?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "No", please select a bigger (or smaller) Breastshield. If the breastshield fits tightly, your nipple will rub against the sides of the tunnel with each vacuum movement of the pump. After several pumpings, you may notice that the outside of the nipple (rather than the nipple tip) is tender or sore. You may also see a little ring of skin flecks in the tunnel of the breastshield after you pump. While a little circle of milk in the tunnel is normal, a ring of skin flecks probably indicates that the tunnel is too small, and that you would be more comfortable with a larger breastshield. When your nipple moves freely in the tunnel of the breastshield, you will also note a gentle pulling movement in the areola each time the pump cycles. If you do not see any movement in the areola with the pump vacuum, the breastshield is probably too small. Choose a larger size Breastshield in these cases.

The Breastshield maybe too large if there is too much tissue of the areola being pulled into the tunnel of the breastshield or if the breastshield does not make a good seal. Choose a smaller size Breastshields in these cases.

US FDA registered medical device (No. D192499); Complies with US FDA and EU standards for containers that contact food and class II medical device; Test reports are online for your reference.



Before first use: Clean the product in boiling water or steam for 3-5 minutes.

After every use: Clean it with hot water and then air dry.  Sterilize it in boiling water or steam as needed.



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