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美國 Motherlove Green Salve 全天然有機草本皮膚急救膏 1安士 - 立即止痕癢 濕疹皮膚適用
*能迅速有效地緩和瘙癢,消炎止痛,G6DP 患者亦可使用


1 oz. $82.00
成份: comfrey leaf, plantain, marshmallow root, calendula, olive oil and beeswax

成份100% 全天然有機,不含類固醇、礦油、羊毛脂、防腐劑、人造成份及人造香料。

 USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth




所有 Motherlove 哺乳輔助產品均由美國食品及藥物管理局 (FDA) 認可的生產廠製造,並已通過重金屬和防菌測試。



重量: 0.15 Kg

Comments from Customers:

I was first introduced to Motherlove herbal when I experienced a common drop in supply when going back to work after having my first daughter Sophia. I am a hospital based IBCLC and LOVE what your products do for mothers who love to breastfeed their children!!!
—Heather, RN, IBCLC, via email

As a breastfeeding activist, I can’t tell you how many women I have directed to your web site. Your products are incredible and very high-quality.
—W.J., via email

Just wanted to let you know that the Green Salve arrived. I used it that night and woke up with much less pain and stiffness than usual! WOW!! I am using the Green Salve AM and PM, and whenever I can in between. My hands feel better than they have in a long time! This is great stuff! Even my little pinky on my left hand that has hurt every day for the last two years after being jammed by a basketball is pain free! Thank you so much.
—J.A., via email

I purchased a small jar of your Green Salve for a rash and it was such a success in our family that we went through it rather quickly. Thanks for making such wonderful products. I found the Green Salve because I was already using the Pregnant Belly Oil and loved it (during both pregnancies!). My OB is now suggesting it to her other patients since it gave me so much relief for the couple of weeks the rash was around.
—L., Austin, TX

Our oldest is 7 and has a lot of eczema and it has been a never ending battle to find a cream that soothes him, with no cortisone in it, since he was 3 months old. I tried Green Salve on my son’s skin, stopping right away the itch and discomfort he feels constantly!!! Miracle!!!
—M.P., via email

I wanted to let you know I am forever grateful for the Green Salve. I was cutting habenero peppers yesterday. I unknowingly got the pepper juice on my face and mouth. It burns very badly. My husband was on the internet getting remedy options for me who was screaming in pain in the bathroom. We tried vinegar, milk, vodka, peroxide, water, ice, strawberry jam, baking soda, and then I remembered I just got a new shipment of Green Salve. I rubbed it all over my face and hands and within 10-15 minutes I was much more comfortable. It did the trick. It is my favorite salve! Thanks!
—K.H., via fax






美國 Motherlove More Milk Plus "魔奶寶"增奶丸 120粒裝
前扣式無鋼圈 肉色 / 淺肉色棉質哺乳胸罩 (36"/ 38 / 42")



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