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美國 Motherlove Nipple Cream 全天然有機草本乳頭療膏 1安士 - 可食用,哺乳時不用清洗乳頭


1 安士裝 - 港幣 $100

成份:marshmallow root, calendula, olive oil, shea butter and beeswax

成份100% 全天然有機,不含礦油、羊毛脂、防腐劑、人造成份及人造香料。

 唯一得到美國農業部 (USDA) 認可的乳頭療膏。不含羊脂,溫和安全,沒有任何刺激母體和嬰兒的香料精油成份,人造色素,以及防腐劑成份是通過嚴格認証的有機草本和珍貴草本植物油生產。 



所有 Motherlove 哺乳輔助產品均由美國食品及藥物管理局 (FDA) 認可的生產廠製造,並已通過重金屬和防菌測試。



重量: 0.15 Kg

Comments from customers:

I’m a Lactation Educator/Counselor. I don’t remember how I came across your Nipple Cream, but I know that I now recommend it over Lansinoh - to my breastfeeding moms. I’ve seen it help heal cracks and abrasions after the lanolin did nothing.
—Anne, Lactation Counselor and Educator

Your Nipple Cream is a HIT at the hospital. Our moms absolutely LOVE the cream. This seems to be the only thing that has helped.
Thank You,
—Tracy, RN IBCLC,
Lakeview Medical Center, via email

I had a first time mom who had a c-section 2 days ago. She has sore tender nipples and even a scab on the end of each nipple. I gave her my last sample of your Nipple Cream today and she immediately felt that it was more soothing than anything else she had done. I love your product! This is the FIRST time I have been able to say that about nipple creams.
—Tracy, LC, via email

I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your products!! Especially the nipple cream. I had never experienced sore cracked breast until my third son was born. I tried everything and nothing seemed to help until I went to a specialty store and the owner recommended your cream. Within two days, I was SO much better and within four days I was completely healed!! Thank you for making such an amazing product!!
—T., via email

I wanted to tell you how AMAZING I think your nipple cream is. It was recommended to me in the hospital. I had bleeding and cracking and the lanolin was doing NOTHING - so I started using this and not even 24 hours later my nipples were pain free and great! I now buy this for every pregnant friend or new mother I know. THANK YOU!!!
—A.S., via email

I had the worst sore nipples. I used Lanolin to no effect, then one of my midwives gave my husband a sample of your nipple cream. That stuff works! It has made breastfeeding wonderful. I've been recommending it to everyone who will listen!
—S.L. via email

First of all, I love your products - your More Milk Plus and Nipple Cream helped me successfully breastfeed my daughter for 14 months. I got off to a very rock start with constant thrush/nipple yeast infections and I swear by your products. Thank you, thank you.
—R.A. via email

My daughter was the most painful nurser!!! Nipple Cream was the only thing that saved me from stopping. Then I started using More Milk Plus when I noticed my milk supply wasn’t staying up. Thank you so much, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be able to breastfeed my daughter. I have recommended you to everyone who is having a baby!
—R.M. via email

What a lifesaver your Nipple Cream has been to me. I started with cracked and bleeding nipples that went quickly to damaged nipples. My doctor only recommended painkillers. I tried the Lansinoh with no success. The answer was your Nipple Cream. My 8 month old son has never had to have formula. Your cream has enabled me to breastfeed him and I didn't have to miss out on such an important and rewarding bonding time. Thanks,
— G. via email

I received my sample of the Nipple Cream. I used it on my sons cradle cap and eczema last night…and it is GONE this morning…absolutely amazing.
— E.S., via email

I love, love, love your Nipple Cream product - it is, by far, the best product out there. I use it for everything, rash on my son’s face, diaper rash, everything and it heals so well. I have told every mama I know about it!
—W., via email

I want to let you know how much I love your Diaper Rash Relief. I have tried every diaper rash cream/ointment on the market, and yours is the very best! I also used your Nipple Cream and it was fantastic. Thanks so much!
—M.M., via email

I have been an extremely happy customer using your Nipple Cream for the past three years - for both nursing and on the diaper rashes of my 2 daughters. I have recommended it to every mom I meet as well. It’s also wonderful to use under little noses when they’re sore from wiping with a tissue and on chapped cheeks. The Nipple Cream seems to be soothing and healing very quickly.
—C.A., via email


前扣式無鋼圈加厚淺杏色哺乳胸罩 (34"/ 38"/ 40"/ 42")


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